About Us

Founded in 1997, NC Office Solutions, Inc is comprised of the key management members originally from Carousel Computer Solutions, inc. Formed by the original service manager and the cartridge production manager from Carousel, NC Office Solutions, Inc.  is the most experienced team of professionals in this business. We have been servicing office equipment since 1983, even before HP introduced their first LaserJet printer!


As the largest service and supplies company in the Southeast, Carousel Computer Solutions has maintained State and Federal contracts for toner cartridges and manufactured more toner cartridges than all the other Georgia rebuilders combined.

Fed up with the high mark up pricing, and other dirty business practices we experienced working at other companies, we are determined that a good product at a fair price is still the best way to run a business.


You will not see our name on bill boards or at the Braves game, we do not have a mega complex office building, and our technicians do not drive around in fancy vans. We also do not ask you to pay for all that stuff by charging 400% markup on service parts or service labor rates that exceed the hourly rates of doctors or lawyers! 


At NC Office Solutions, Inc. it is our goal to be recognized by our customers as the industry leader in laser printer service and supply manufacturing. To restore integrity in the office equipment business by charging a fair price for a quality product and to work for our customers to provide the most economical, trouble free solutions to help them succeed in their business.